The role of the People Analytics leader - Part 1: Building Capability


As I’ve written before, there are a number of characteristics shared by organisations that have successfully developed and built sustainable capability in people analytics and data driven decision making in HR.

One of the characteristics shared by leading companies is the presence of an inspirational leader – the Head of People Analytics. This article by Jonathan Ferrar, which features in the 40 best HR & People Analytics articles of 2017, captures the ingredients required to be a successful people analytics leader.

A Head of People Analytics who ticks all of the boxes described by Jonathan is Arun Chidambaram, who has been working in the people analytics space for over 15 years. During this time, Arun has helped four Fortune 500 companies build sustainable capability in people analytics.

Arun is deservedly recognised by his peers as one of the leading authorities and visionaries in the space. He is regularly invited to share his insights at conferences as he did last year at People Analytics World in London (see highlights here) and People Analytics & Future of Work in Philadelphia (see pic below and highlights here).

THE ROLE OF THE PEOPLE ANALYTICS LEADER - PART 1: Building the team and growing organisational capability

I’m delighted that Arun agreed to share some of his insights in this two-part series on ‘The role of the People Analytics leader.’ Part 1 that follows covers areas such as:

  • The skills and capabilities required in a people analytics team and how these evolve over time
  • Different options with regards to how the team should be aligned to the business
  • A methodology for undertaking people analytics projects
  • Crucial milestones in developing the maturity of your team
  • Key learnings and tips for success

To continue reading Part 1 of my interview with Arun, please click here to read it on LinkedIn.