People First: What are the key HR trends for 2018?


We’re nearly at the end of January and with the year still in its infancy optimism still abounds with regards to the likely growing impact of HR in 2018. Although as I am typing this in San Francisco in the run up to co-chairing People Analytics & Future of Work, my confidence may just be a case of jet lag combined with wishful thinking. 

So, with a cup brimming full of sanguinity here are some trends I expect to see more of in the HR space in 2018.


Let’s start with what is for me the most welcome and indeed key trend. Soothsayers have long been urging HR to take a leaf out of marketing’s book and it seems that the message is finally getting through. Recognition that creating bespoke and personalised experiences for employees (and candidates) is not only good for workers but the business too is becoming common currency. This represents a radical shift from the typical ‘one-size fits all’ HR programs of the past. Companies like Cisco, IBM, Unilever and Salesforce are already doing this by combining people data with machine learning to provide personalised experiences for employees in areas such as talent acquisition, onboarding, learning and internal mobility. Many more companies are using Chatbots to enrich the employee/candidate experience (as well as to streamline HR operations). Employees expect consumer like experiences at work. Technology coupled with data enables organisations to provide these experiences. Critically the more astute companies and business leaders recognise that improving experience and better understanding employee sentiment leads to better results.

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