The best People Analytics articles of February 2018


February began in the sun of San Francisco and ended in the snow of the South of England. It’s been a month of contrasts!

As interest in and adoption of people analytics continues to rise and as the discipline continues to broaden and deepen, the range of subjects written on people analytics continues to diversify.

This month’s selection of ten articles and six podcasts covers topics including: new studies on leadership and the future of work, ethics, manager effectiveness, organisational network analysis, the critical role of the analytics translator, wearables and sensors, the role of the people analytics leader and the burgeoning HR technology market amongst many others.

So without further ado, let’s crack on:

1. EVAN SINAR– People Analytics Reversal of Fortunes

Evan Sinar kicks off proceedings this month with his analysis of what at first glance appear to be counterintuitive findings from the Global Leadership Forecast 2018. The study, which is authored by DDI, The Conference Board and EY, highlights 25 findings about the state, context, and future of leadership. One of these findings on people analytics highlights a “stunning regression” from the previous study in 2014/15 with success rates dropping for every area of analytics that was compared. Whilst many organisations are undoubtedly still struggling to realise the full potential of people analytics, I'm inclined to agree with Evan's view that this is "likely a case of the analytics bar rising faster than HR can leap over it". Evan’s article goes on to describe the other findings highlighted in Figure 1 specifically the analytics practices that have the highest impact on bench strength and a financial composite of revenue growth, operating margin, EBITDA, and return on equity, before highlighting the analytics practices that have the highest impact on success.

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