Conferences on people analytics to attend in 2018


When I last collated a list of conferences dedicated to or prominently featuring people analytics in 2016, I found 24 conferences around the world – and I remember at the time being surprised to find that many.

Fast forward two years, with 2018 in its infancy and people analytics accelerating from the periphery to the core of the HR agenda, it seems an appropriate time to provide a new summary of conferences that will take place in 2018. Perhaps a significant indicator of the growth in the interest and adoption of people analytics is the fact that I have found 75+ conferences - over three times as many as I found just 18 months ago.

Having spoken at numerous conferences across the world on people analytics in the last 18 months in cities such as Sydney, Singapore, San Francisco, New York, London, Helsinki, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Philadelphia and Las Vegas, I was actually not surprised to find that the number of conferences had risen to such a high figure. 

The article is split into two halves. First, I have featured the conferences where I am already confirmed to speak in 2018. Then, I have listed in chronological order the 2018 conferences that are either dedicated to people analytics or where the subject prominently features on the agenda.

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